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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26th Specials!!

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We try to prepare enough of our daily specials to get through the day.
However, we do sell out of some items.

Please call to reserve yours. 
Available after 4:00 PM

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 Thursday - Spicy Black-Eyed Peas w/ Shrimp, Bacon, & Brown Rice $12.50
Friday - Dijon Chicken w/ Rice $16.50

                                                                 TODAY'S SELECTIONS  

#1 Greek Chicken Salad $6.50

Strips of grilled chicken breast tossed with cucumbers, feta, olives, herbs, and a yogurt-mayo sauce. Served w/ hummus and pita triangles. 

#2 Tomato Cheese Pie   $5.50
Tomato slices layered w/mixed cheeses and fresh basil, baked in a pie. Served w/ a scoop of our house pasta salad or pasta primavera. 
#3 Corn and Barley Salad   $5.25
Corn, barley, scallions, tomatoes, and cilantro in a spicy vinaigrette.  Add pork tenderloin for $1.25
Soup [$2.95/Small; $3.95/Large] Rosemary chicken

Quiche [$3.95/Slice; $15.00/Whole] Spinach and smoked gouda

Sandwich Special [$6.95 w/ WISE chips] Triple Decker Turkey Club w/ bacon, tomato, lettuce, swiss

Combo [$6.50] Chicken, fruit salads, yogurt, muffin
Other Yummy Stuff: Beef Streudel $5.95...Salad Nicoise $6.50...Pasta Primavera $4.95
Don't forget our rotating selection of delicious baked goods and other treats such as Dubbadips chocolate-covered peanuts! 

We carry locally-crafted BROOD sodas!

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