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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10th Specials!!

We try to prepare enough of our shop specials to get through the day. However, we do sell out of some items.

Monday - Chicken-Broccoli-Mushroom Crepes over Rice   $16.50
Tuesday -  Lasagne w/ Meat Sauce   $12.50
Wednesday - Lemon Chicken over Rice   $16.50
Thursday - Veggie-Rice Casserole   $9.50
Friday - Pasta w/ Salmon and Red Pepper Cream Sauce   $16.50
 Get ready, here it comes again! Call ahead, and we'll pack up the following for you to take home and heat up as you settle in for the snow.
White Bean and Ham Soup   $25.00/Gallon, $6.50/Quart...Broccoli Cheddar Quiche (whole)  $14.50...4 Pack of Bean Burgers   $11.50...Chicken-Broccoli-Mushroom Crepes over Rice Take -n-Bake   $16.50
Cheeseballs...Chicken, pasta, potato, fruit salads by the pint and quart....Pimiento cheese by the pint

#1 Peppercorn Beef Tips   $6.95
Beef tip s w/ onions and mushrooms in as peppercorn sauce. Served over white rice w/ green beans almondine.

#2 Chicken Florentine Casserole   $6.50
Chunks of chicken breast w/ spinach and mushrooms baked in a creamy marsala sauce w/ breadcrumbs 
#3 Tortellini w/ Tomato Cream   $5.50
Cheese filled tortellini tossed in a tomato cream sauce (onions, spinach. garlic, tomatoes, cream, and parmesan). Topped w/ fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

Soup ($2.75/small; $3.25/large): White bean and ham
Quiche ($3.50/slice; $14.00/whole): Broccoli cheddar

Sandwich Special ($5.95; served with WISE chips): Roast beef and muenster w/ horseradish mustard
Combo Plate ($5.95): Chicken salad, Pasta salad, Fruit salad

Other Yummies: None today 
Don't forget our delicious rotating selection of baked goods and other treats such as Dubbadips chocolate-covered peanuts!

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